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Smart Smoke Detector

Get the Signal before the Smoke Signals

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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Smoke is an early signal to what could turn into a devastating accident in our homes. But sometimes we aren’t aware of the signs. With our smart smoke detector, you can catch the signal before the smoke signals even start.

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Protect Your Straw, Stick or Brick Home

Today’s modern homes aren’t the cardboard house of ages gone by, but they are still terribly susceptible to damaging fires that can rip through a home in just minutes. Whether your home is made from straw, stick, or brick, there are key elements that are susceptible to flames. Alder fire alarm systems are specifically designed to alert you to the danger to give you enough time to get to safety while also alerting the proper authorities to your danger. Our smart smoke detector comes with an alarm that will sound the second smoke or increased heat is detected in your home helping you protect your family and property.

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