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Imagine sitting on the porch with your family. A blue sky spreads out over the flat distance, and the subtle touch of wind brings the sweet smell of ripe peaches. A green lawn stretches to the road, and your children laugh as they play nearby. You have no concerns, no problems, no frustrations. You know your family will be safe while you’re at home and while you’re away because a home security system protects your home. Your windows and doors are armed with sensors that will alert your phone the moment someone triggers it. You have installed cameras around the house, and you open the app on your phone that lets you check the video feed from the cameras 24/7. You and your family are safe because you have home security Charlotte, North Carolina.

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At Alder Home Security in Charlotte, North Carolina, we try to make the best choices for your home and your family. We want to create a picture-perfect scene where you and your family can enjoy peace without the danger of a property crime. We live in a dangerous world where every day there are 1,495,790 burglaries. This number breaks down to roughly 17 burglaries a second. We want to make sure Charlotte, North Carolina, is protected from this, which is why we only choose the best products for our alarm home security. For our Charlotte monitoring systems, we use Arlo cameras. Arlo is a weather-proof camera that also works as a doorbell camera with night vision. It is heat and cold resistant with HD camera quality. The cameras easily work with our custom smartphone app and allow you to have 24/7 access to a video stream. The cameras are also motion activated and call when triggered. This means that whenever someone in Charlotte walks by the camera, the feed is activated to ensure you never miss a moment by your home. The cameras also can upload seven days worth of footage to the cloud so you can review events after they happen.

Key Aspects

of Good Home Security

When it comes to home security in Charlotte, North Carolina, there are several things that you cannot live without. A good alarm home security system in Charlotte is defined by the way it protects you and your home. If it can’t do that, then you might want to look in a different direction for home security systems. Here’s exactly what you need to look for: HD camera quality, Motion-activated monitoring cameras, Monitoring through a smartphone app, Reasonable price, Doorbell camera, Window and door sensors, Two-way audio, Custom Alarm, Night Vision These factors can make or break security systems. For example, if home security systems don’t offer an HD quality camera, you won’t be able to expect much from the footage. The video footage that you get from the cameras will likely be grainy and unusable. Another example is night vision. Since half of all burglaries happen at night, it’s important that your cameras can adapt to that situation. Ensure that your cameras have night vision to prepare you for all scenarios.

What Makes Good Home Security Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the most common questions asked about home security in Charlotte, North Carolina is: What makes one type of system better than the other security systems? In this article, we are going to give you a sure answer to this question so you can make the best call. To start, your budget will determine what type of system is going to work better for you. Some systems are too expensive for the average family to fit comfortably in their budget, and you’re better off leaning towards a system that won’t cost as much every month. One great way to still get a good home security system and still save money is to look into one that is DIY, or “do-it-yourself.” What this means is that you will do the initial installation on your own and decide where to put cameras, sensors, and all the other gadgets that come with the device. The company in Charlotte, North Carolina, will monitor the system and call if anything is off. You will also have access to the cameras, motion sensors, and everything else through a simple app on your phone. If something isn’t right, you want to check up on your home from anywhere in the world. You can also call the company if you have any questions or concerns. DIY home security systems are becoming more and more popular in Charlotte, North Carolina because they are easier for the modern family. Everything is sent through the mail, and you won’t have to worry about setting up an appointment for the company to install the alarm system.

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