Alder Simple

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Simple Security

Fire, flood, intrusion, and medical monitoring 24/7.

Quick Install

You can set it up yourself in 10 minutes, or have an Alder professional do if for you.

No Wires

From coast to coast, Simple keeps your home connected with 4G LTE coverage.

No College Degree Required

No tools, technicians or holes in your wall. Finally a setup that is simple.

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Installation Made Simple

Open box number 1 and plug in your panel.

Follow the on-screen install wizard.

Unbox, trigger and place the sensors around your home.

Rest easy while we protect you 24/7.

Setup Wizard

Our step-by-step setup wizard enables you to install your own home security system. It’s so easy, even a child could do it.

Simple Works Everywhere

Whether you rent an apartment or own a 40 bedroom home, Simple works for you. If you move, just unplug it and take it with you.

In the Know. On the Go.

Whether you’re leaving for the day, or at home for the night, you won’t have to worry. Arm and Disarm your security system right from your smartphone and know what’s happening in your home with instant alerts.

Finally Affordable

Protecting your home and family shouldn’t cost you your life savings or your first child. Now it doesn’t. Start protecting what matters most for a price you can afford.

No Hidden Fees

No more hidden fees giving you higher bills than you expected. We’ve cut out the middle men to give you just want you need and nothing you don’t.

No Money Upfront

We’ll install a system in your home without any upfront costs. We’re sincere when we say we just want to help you protect what matters most.


per month

Home security system monthly monitoring rate to keep you connected to the police, fire and medical - 24/7.

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