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flood sensor

Flood Sensor

Alder’s flood sensor detects standing water in your home and alerts you immediately if there is a problem. If you are unable to respond we will send help to minimize damage. It can be floor or wall mounted.


flood sensor

Smart Smoke Detector

The smoke detector is wirelessly connected to your Alder home security system. It will not only sound alarm throughout your home when smoke is detected, but will also dispatch your local fire department, and immediately notify you on your smartphone.

flood sensor


The Firefighter is a secondary fire alarm, and works by listening for your existing fire alarms. If it hears a fire alarm in your home, it will alert our 24/7 monitoring service, and notify you on your smartphone. We will dispatch your local fire department if you are unable to respond.


flood sensor

Door/Window Sensor

Door and window sensors are key to securing your home. Anytime a door or window is opened the door and window sensor will know. If your system is armed and a door is opened an alarm will sound and local police will be dispatched to investigate.

flood sensor

Glass Break Detector

If a criminal attempts to enter your home by breaking a window, the standard door/window sensor will likely not detect it. The glass break detector however, is designed to listen for the sound of glass breaking, and will sound alarm when it happens.

flood sensor

Smart Doorlock

Leave in a rush? You forgot to lock the house? No problem. Use your smartphone or smartwatch to lock up from the grocery storeā€¦ or from Paris. As long as you have an internet connection you have control over the security of your home.


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