Control Everything


Smart Response

What if your house could welcome you home? With smart control you can configure your Alder smart home system to automatically respond to you. For example, when you leave home, your system will instantly lock the doors, close the garage, turn off the A/C and the lights. With Alder Smart Control you’re free to forget.

Peace of Mind

Even while you are on the go, Alder keeps you connected to what matters most. You can set up custom security alerts to let you know when there is motion detected at your home. That way you’ll know if there’s trouble or if it’s the kids getting home from school.

Voice Commands

Just say the word and let Alder do the work


Every Alder system comes with free professional installation


Our installation technicians do all the setup work and show you how to use your system


We are here 24/7 if you ever need help with your smart home

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