Alexis B

“My mind is at ease knowing I am protected by Alder.”

Connie C

“I love it and really enjoy knowing my home is safe.”

Sid D

“I recommend this company to anyone who needs protection and a peace of mind while away from your home or even while you are there.”

Home Security

Get smart with your safety. We save homes and families every day. Even better, we will protect yours likes it’s our own.

Smart Home

Remotely manage your security settings, lights, door locks, cameras, and even keep track of who enters and leaves your home.

Life Safety

You shouldn’t have to worry about emergencies. With Alder fire and medical alerts, you can relax and know that we’re there to help.

Is there an echo in here?

We are proud to announce Alder systems are compatable with Amazon Echo. Now you can use voice commands to secure your home and family.

Wireless is here, bringing you more reliable home security

Wires are uncomfortable, and now unnecessary. We use wireless techonology to protect your home.

Our security system’s communicate with our alarm monitoring center via a built-in cellular link to keep you connected 24/7. Your safety is our priority, which is why we’ve partnered with America’s largest and most reliable networks.

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